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HELP In The City


The goal of this charity is to take a portion of the commission earned on each property closing and put it towards HELP In The City. This allows me to give back to Charleston and the place I’ve called home my entire life!

Our Mission:

At HELP (Hope, Empowerment, Love, and Protection) IN THE CITY is to empower and uplift every individual within our community by creating an environment that nurtures hope, fosters empowerment, cultivates love, and ensures protection. By promoting collaborative efforts and providing essential resources, we aim to HELP our neighborhoods, individuals and families to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities, and grow together. At HELP In The City, we are committed to fostering lasting positive change, safeguarding the well-being and development of all community members, and inspiring a brighter future for generations to come.

Past Volunteer Events:
– Garbage Cleanup Downtown Charleston
– Fili-West Farms
– Thanksgiving Blessing Basket Drive to Local Charleston Schools
– Chucktown Acres
– Charleston Animal Society

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