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A woman with shopping bags

Your Guide to High-End Shopping in Charleston, SC

The largest city in The Palmetto State, Charleston has something for everyone. One of the most important things the city has to offer is endless shopping. With its string of luxury stores and wide array of local boutiques, Charleston, SC ...

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Luxury Buyers Want

Must-Have Items that Luxury Buyers Want

Whether you aim to professionally develop real estate, expertly flip homes, or just want to successfully sell your current luxury home and make a significant profit, it surely wouldn’t hurt to make an effort to include some 'extras' th...

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Charleston, SC

General Information About Charleston, SC

The country seat of Charleston County, Charleston is also recognized as the largest city in the State of South Carolina. It is located south of the geographical midpoint of the state coastline on Charleston Harbor–an inlet of the Atlantic...

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white and brown concrete bungalow under clear blue sky

General Information About Home Selling

“How do I sell my home fast in Charleston, SC, and how can I make sure I get the best deal out of it?” It’s a question that sellers like yourself would ask, but the truth is that the answer is not so simple. Selling a home is more tha...

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excited couple unpacking boxes in new apartment

General Information About Home Buying

Buying a home is an important, life-changing decision. You might have many questions about the average home price in Charleston, SC, ideal neighborhoods for your family, as well as mortgage options. While there are a lot of things to...

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